Reiki for Animals

Reiki is an ancient technique that enhances physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health by bringing positive energy to where the animal needs it for healing. This addresses the whole system and is not just symptom relief.

I puts my hands on specific areas of the body chakras, which are the ‘doorways’ into the energy system, bringing positive energy through me and to the animal. The owner/trainer will notice the animal relaxing during the session. A single session can often be enough to make a clear difference.

As well as working with domestic pets, dogs, cats and guinea pigs, I am very happy to give healing to horses who love having Reiki and I have even given a treatment to a snake. Reiki is a complementary therapy and not an alternative to mainstream medical practice.

Reiki can be given to both the animal and the owner. Sometimes a problem with an animal is in response to a problem with the owner. Reiki can be used as a preventative measure, such as before travel, shows and seeing the vet. It is a powerful natural therapy that helps to restore balance and health, boost the immune system and relieve stress. It can improve the results of medical treatments by reducing pain and stress, and shortening healing time.

Reiki for Animals
Janie and Orlando

There are times as a vet when you are treating a sick animal that you feel you want a miracle, not necessarily a cure but a type of reassurance both for the animal and the owner. This can even be done within the security of home by Janie Hildebrand.

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