Reiki for Bereavement

Reiki can ease the passing of the terminally ill and relieve the pain of bereavement. When I see any new client, during the consultation I discuss how I use Reiki. Usually the work I do is passive meaning that clients can just fall asleep or relax and daydream while I give them the treatment.

However there are two situations when my clients may join in the Reiki session. One is when a client has an illness and wishes to use visualization techniques, and the other is when using Reiki for bereavement. In this case, together we discuss who they have lost and how they feel about it. With my guidance, together we decide how to proceed with the treatment.

Sometimes clients have been suffering the loss for many years and sometimes its quite new whichever the case, only a few sessions can allow clients to be at peace with the sadness and loss of their relative, friend or pet.