Yesterday I saw the film ‘Avatar’. It was sensational to watch especially in 3D and on a massive screen. The story line was a little thin but I liked it very much nevertheless. One line that made me take notice at the time and has stayed with me since, is that the Avatars spoke about the energy that flowed between them all and the animals and plants on their planet. It was revolving and when someone or something died the energy was returned to the source, that it was “only borrowed”.

That is how I have been talking about the energy that I work with over the years. I believe that it comes from a collective source and can be called for when someone is ill, stressed,not fully functioning. This positive energy then moves the built up negative energy out of the system.

Clearly the film is not real life however the writers of it have made sense of what has been said by healers and shamen for thousands of years. That all living things are united by an energy flow that we forget at our peril.